Digital Biology in every home

Shifting from automated biology to digital biology

Now you can program experimental biology.

Biotech labs that can be programmed provide faster and reproducible results.

In our vision, digital biolabs should be:

  • full stack, running all the tasks on the same machine set up
  • general-purpose, allowing easy reconfiguration for design of new experiments
  • low-cost and scalable, offering affordable modular parts (around € 300-2000)
  • easy to use, with a frictionless user experience

Your research. Scalable, Cheaper and more Reliable than ever.

Are you a life scientist?

Auryn enables life scientists to adopt custom solutions for their low-medium throughput lab automation needs.

No more monkey work. Start spending your most valuable time in what matters the most in your research, not in running your lab.

If you are a molecular biologist or a microfluidics researcher and want to explore our solutions drop us a line. We would love to have a chat and build the next generation of biotech-lab together!

A Platform designed for Biotech Businesses and Developers.

Are you a visionary?

In the next 30 years, biotechnology will impact every aspect of our daily life. Yet, as of today it’s expensive and difficult to use. In one word: inaccessible.

Leveraging on the unexplored potential of droplets microfluidics, we bring the world the first set of general purpose lab automation devices. A full stack of lab automation components that can be reconfigured, and scaled up as needed.

We want to empower creative entrepreneurs at the intersection between design, biotechnology and health care. Join us to disrupt this industry!

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